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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stair Step Card Tutorial

Stair Step Card
Step by Step


 Please note that I am not quite done yet.. I am waiting for my new stamps to come in. (I ordered a bunch of fun new sentiment stamps and I am planing on putting one on the second layer beside the tree. That is why it looks empty. I might add a couple colorful flowers here and there to fill in the spaces.. once I know how big the sentiment will be.

To start, you will need a cardstock measuring 5'' X 10 1/2''.
You will then score as indicated in the picture above.
Then fold the creases really well with your bone folder. 

 This is a view from the side. This is what your stair step card should look like at this point.

Now to decorate the 'stairs'. I distressed the edges lightly with my Tim Holtz 'Black Soot' ink pad. 

A view with the panels glued on. Looks good already! I used a cardstock from my Christmas collection. I didn't have anything else that looked like grass. Thought this one was neat tho. 

Now to create a fence. I had totally forgot that I had received this as a Christmas present couple years ago. I had to dig threw my craft stuff to find it, well worth it :) 

I distressed the edges of the fence and added a couple mini fake diamonds to the top. 
Makes it more playful and fun :)  

I then used my Cricut Create to create the trees and a sun. I used the cartridge 'Simply Charmed'. 

Then I distressed the edges to make them stand out more in the card. 
I felt like it needed a little more so....  

I used my coloring pencils and gave the trees some depth.  

Now for the house. I created it with my Cricut Create using the 'Create a Critter' cartridge.
I then pierced a hole to be able to put the brad threw for the door knob.   

There we have it, a door knob look alike :) I thought it gave the card an extra touch. :) 

Now to place the big house on the card... I always try and use the envelope I will be using to send the card out as a guideline to how high I can place my items. 
Once I'm happy with the position I glue them down.  

Turns out I didn't like the sun with the rays, so I cut them off and glued the sun onto the back of the roof of the house. I used a thick dimensional to give it some dept.  
I also glued down the tree and once again used thick dimensional to raise the tree forward and glued it to the side of the house for more support. 

Okay, so I messed up a little bit here haha.. it will no longer fit in this envelope so I will have to make one later. When I glued down the tree on the left I only realized after that it was too off to the side, I tried to unstick it and move it but it ripped the paper so now it has to stay there :P To be honest, I like it better there anyways :) So here I tried and used the measurements of the envelope once again to place my second tree. 

 There you have it folks! :) My very first Stair Step Card. It does look a little plain, but like I said earlier in this post, I am waiting for the new sentiments I ordered to come in. It will be going beside the tree on the second level. I will most likely also add a couple flowers here and there to give it some color and fill in the space. 

N.White xo