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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Gate Fold Card - Tutorial

Gate Fold Card

Here are two samples of gate fold cards I made last winter.
These kinds of cards are really fun to decorate and add a wow factor to a simple card.
The digi images I used in the center of each card is from Saturated Canary.

Cut your 8 1/2" X 11" of cardstock paper into 5 1/2"X 11"

Now using your score board, score at 3 3/4" and at 7 1/4".

Now flip your paper upside down and score at 2" and 9".

Now score along the lines of the 2 center lines.

Flip over and score the 2 remaining outside lines. Those will become your gate folds!

This is what your cardstock will look like once it's all folded.

Here are my samples again of the gate fold cards I made last year.

Nadine White

Halloween Card - Frankenstein Tutorial

**Re-posting this card I made last year. Enjoy :)

Frankenstein!!! Tutorial
Quick & Easy to Create!

I used a black Recollections card, sprayed some red shimmer over the front of the card 
to give it that gold-shimmery effect.

I used my Cuttlebug and Spellbinder to cut out this shape.
1 in green and 1 in purple.

I then drew scribbles to create his hair. You can make it as funky and crazy as you'd like!
There is no going wrong with this so it makes it really kid friendly to make! (and easy!!)

Make sure to erase your pencil lines... 
I suggest you place it over top of the green paper to check if you like 
the length of the hair before gluing anything down.

I then used Tim Holtz distress ink called Black Sout to distress all the edges. 
I find the more I added the better it looked.. So have fun with it, add a little or add alot.

I then prepared all the pieces I would need and distressed all their edges as well.

I used the following:
1 1/2 Circle Punch - Cut out 1 green circle & cut it in half. (make the eyelids) 
1 1/2 Circle Punch - Cut out 1 green circle, cut it in half.. Only use one 1/2. (make the nose)
1 1/2 Circle Punch - Cut out 2 white circles (makes eyeballs)
To make the black inside the eyes I used the same size circle punch on black paper and free hand cut them smaller. I purposely did not want the circles perfect, this is why they look odd haha! If you have a 1" circle punch you can use it (I don't own one).. so I improvised :P 
Note: I did not end up using the 2 small white circles.. I was originally going to use them for the center of the eyes, instead I opted for White Gel and made the eyes scribbles instead of perfect circles.. Made this guy a little more rugged haha!

Have fun with the hair!! You can either glue the eyes underneath the hair spikes entirely or choose to have some spikes over the eyes and some behind.. Play around with them before gluing down!!  

For the nose, you can choose to use a 2" circle punch instead of a 1 1/2, I think in this case having a bigger nose would work better haha.. I unfortunately did not have one.. so I just decided to make everything with my smaller circle punch. Play around with sized and make it your own! 

I then used a thin Shapie Pen and drew his mouth onto the green paper. 
I also thought this guy needed a little more distress ink around the edges to make him a little scarier and more rugged! I added the White Gel to the center of his eyes and Voila!

I played around with my Halloween stack of paper to see what kind of background I should add him to... I ended up creating my own background using my red-gold shimmer spray and sprayed a black card base. Turned out great!!! 


I plan on making a few more of these with different colours and sizes so stay tuned!
I would also love to see your creations if you attempted to make this little guy.

Happy Crafting! 

Halloween Never Ending Card

**Re-post, card I made last year.

Halloween Never Ending Card
Before & After

BEFORE Cover page

AFTER Cover Page

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Thank You Card using Silhouette Cameo

I made this card back in July when my mom came down to visit. She needed a thank you card for a friend at witch she had stayed over a couple nights and wanted to thank her for her hospitality.  I decided to use my Silhouette Cameo to show her how it's done and I was pleasantly surprised at how quick this card was to put together. The longest part was choosing the colour cardstock haha.

Sorry about the background in my pictures. I had bad lighting and my table was covered in different half started projects so I was very limited in space to take pictures that were under the light :P

Pregnancy Card