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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My new Silhouette Cameo!!

Check out what I got for my birthday (April 18th) !!! I'm a little late posting but I've been crazy busy lately and only got around to playing with my new toy over the weekend. 

Still can't believe I have a Shilhouette Cameo!! It works like a charm and so much quieter then the cricut create :) I love the program, I love how accurate and quick the whole process is... LOVE LOVE it all :D 

I will post pictures of some of the cut outs I've made so far once I can figure out better lighting in that part of my house haha. 

My first cut!!!! 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy Easter from the White's

Happy Easter from
Nella (shitzu), Mia (shepard cross), Brad (husband) and Nadine (me!)

I kept this card as flat in dimension as possible to make sure it sends well in the mail.
I even made my own envelope using my Envelope Punch Board! 

View of the front of the card when it's flat.

Envelope Mini Album Part1: Building

I was bored one day at work and started playing around with two envelopes.. 
I then somehow turned those 2 envelopes into a mini album!!! 

I glued the flaps on each envelope to the inside of the envelope exposing the pocket.

It should look just like this

Now take 1 envelope, fold & score it like below.

Now fold & score your 2nd envelope like below.

Now that the two envelopes are glued together, the following pictures will show how the mini album opens.

for how to decorate the mini album!

Envelope Mini Album Part2: Decorating

Now let's decorate the Envelope Mini Album!

Click on "Read More" to see the Full picture TUTORIAL 

3-Fold Easter Egg Hunt Card

I could have added some glitter on the word Hunt and on the grass.. 
I was in a rush when I made these, I also needed to make sure they stayed
pretty flat for mailing. 

Purple Easter Bunny 3-fold Card

I wanted to add so much more dimension to the card but I had to keep it as flat as possible for mailing. 
Looking back now, I wish I would have added some glitter to the basket and maybe his cheeks and ears.. 

On the inside of the card, I kept it blank and wrote a message to the recipient using a Gold Pen.

Easter bunny 3-Fold Card (Cricut Create)

I made this 3-fold card using my Cricut Create Machine
Creative Cards Cartridge
(for the card base, frame and background)
Create a Critter 2 Cartridge 
(bunny, words & basket is on page 40, grass is on page 42 of booklet)  

Blue background Card

Yellow backgroung Card

Simple but cute Easter Cards

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Sneak Peek at my Easter Cards

Here's a little Sneak Peek at one of my Easter Cards I made using the Cricut Create Machine

More Easter Cards to come!!!!

I didn't take a picture of the inside of the card yet! 
It's a surprise as I was still working on it when I took these pictures.

I will make a new post shortly with the complete cards! 

Cricut Create : Making Easter Bunnies!!!

Gotta love crafting on a nice sunny (but cold) Sunday afternoon..
Took out the beast.. "Cricut Create" and laptop combo
I wanted to make some cute Easter critters for my two favorite nieces 
I had many options to choose from.. I really love the "Create a Critter 1&2" cartridges
they got some super cute original critters that are quick and easy to make.. 
especially when you have fun with the color combos! 

I started off using my "Creative Cards" cartridge (that I absolutely LOVE for card bases)
Since my Cricut Machine is only a 12"X6" this was as big as I could make the cards but it ended up working well. 

These are the base pieces that I build up the bunny rabbits off of. I ended up making 12 and figured I'd make friends and family members happy by sending them a surprise Easter bunny in the mail!!

To the card bases I added a couple of the card options the cartridge had like the purple boarder around the inside opening of the card as well as the background designs for the inside of the card. This card is a 3 fold card. I also cut out a bunch of rabbits and decided to go with some purple rabbits and some beige-yellow rabbits. I also made a couple Easter baskets (yellow and purple) as well as grass using 3 different shades of green. I also cut out the words "Egg Hunt" and thought I could use that either on the front of the cards or on the inside.  

I got tired of sitting in my craft area all day so when it came to gluing them together I did that sitting comfortably on my couch while watching a movie on Netflix :) heehee. I used my 2 way Stampin' Up glue pen. I really like the way it holds and doesn't make a mess. Any glue works though. 

Below is what goes into making a Bunny.
Bottom layer : brown
Middle layer : pink
Top layer : beige-yellow
Final touch : cream-beige (used for his belly)

Sorry about the bright lime green cardstock background.. I was using it as scrap paper when gluing the baskets together.