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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sizzix Accordion Album TUTORIAL

The following is a step by step on how I created this fun Sizzix Accordion Album 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sizzix Accordion Album 3D

I had soooo much fun making this card/craft!! It was so nice to get back to doing what I love most.. 3D crafts that are fun and dimensional where I get to use some of my fun craft supplied that lay around my craft room. I will try and post my video, it shows the shimmer on the green leaves alot better and the true details of this card. My iphone camera isn't the best but it's all I had at the time. Hope you like it! :D  

Saturday, March 22, 2014

What I'm up to so far :)

What I'm up to at the moment...

So many different craft projects on the go. That's my messy craft area but everything has it's place and purpose at the moment haha :P I got a little carried away with that little project sitting there... the Sizzix Accordion flip album.. I wasn't going to put much energy and details into it till I stumbled upon some random accessories I had laying around that I never seem to find a project for.. then I got carried away hence the new mess on my crafting mat.. Keep yanking out the cuttlebug to make more and more of those pistachio pudding (green) leaves that I spritzed with shine.. Can't wait to show the final product!!! Just taking a quick break and giving my pooches some attention, cuddles and take them out. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

night owl

I'm just about to lock myself in my craft room "aka.. my dining room table/area" at 10pm and might need to come out for air at some point in the wee hours.. it's when I do my best work.. so stay tuned tomorrow for what I came up with... I literally have 5 projects boiling in my head that I just wanna do all at once.. but their all big projects and ones I think everyone will like and feel like they can relate and create some of their own with events going on in their lives.. "birthdays, engagements, weddings, retirement, pregnancies, newborns.. list goes one". Soooo stay tunes and off I go.. OH Also I'm CRAVING anything chocolate and a big bag of Miss Vicky's Balsamic vinegar & sweet onion chips.. but have absolutely nothing that looks appetizing in my cupboards tonight.. boooo.. 

Sunday, March 09, 2014

My Work Space from clean to messy :P

I Looooove it when my new Stampin' Up order comes in!!!
I was way over due for matching ink and cardstock paper so I made sure to buy 7 inks and it's matching cardstock paper.. this made me so happy! I love when my cards coordinate with the pattern paper, ink and cardstock!  Happy girl right here!!
Sorry about the blurry pic.. I have horrible lighting over my dining room table.

My work space usually always starts up tidy and organised.. 

Then my mind gets creating and you can be sure to find scraps of paper all over! haha 
I like to write down the materials I used for each card as I'm making them.. this saves me alot of time when it comes to creating a new post. I also like to test out my stamp before adding it to my card to make sure it's the right colour I want and to make sure it stamps clean.

Then a couple hours in.. I bring in the laptop and play music off youtube.. I also watched a couple episodes on Netflix while I create.. Two birds one stone.. create new cards and get to finish watching the series "White Collar" (love that show!)

Sizzix Butterfly Pop'n Cuts Card Tutorial

Click on "Read More" for the picture tutorial