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Sunday, March 09, 2014

My Work Space from clean to messy :P

I Looooove it when my new Stampin' Up order comes in!!!
I was way over due for matching ink and cardstock paper so I made sure to buy 7 inks and it's matching cardstock paper.. this made me so happy! I love when my cards coordinate with the pattern paper, ink and cardstock!  Happy girl right here!!
Sorry about the blurry pic.. I have horrible lighting over my dining room table.

My work space usually always starts up tidy and organised.. 

Then my mind gets creating and you can be sure to find scraps of paper all over! haha 
I like to write down the materials I used for each card as I'm making them.. this saves me alot of time when it comes to creating a new post. I also like to test out my stamp before adding it to my card to make sure it's the right colour I want and to make sure it stamps clean.

Then a couple hours in.. I bring in the laptop and play music off youtube.. I also watched a couple episodes on Netflix while I create.. Two birds one stone.. create new cards and get to finish watching the series "White Collar" (love that show!)