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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Infinity Card Tutorial

Here is another version of my Infinity Card I made in January. Once again, a little late posting. I also took a few pictures as I was creating this so I'll add a bit of a step by step.





Here we go... How I created my Infinity Card...
 First you need 4 panels measuring 3'' X 6'' each.
For this project, I recommend using cardstock or a thick kind of paper.

You need to score all 4 panels. I usually do two at a time like in the picture above.
You will score at 1 1/2'' and 4 1/2'' on all FOUR panels.

Now to assemble the panels.
You take the 2 panels (on the right of the picture) exactly as they appear in the picture above and you will glue them down onto the 2 panels that are on the left of the picture above. **You need to make sure two panels are going vertically and two panels are horizontal. You will only glue down the four corners. This will allow you to be able to open your card properly.. so make sure only the corners and not all the sides.

 Then you need to crease down the folds really well.

The fallowing pictures are a bit of my thought process while creating this card (haha).. Let's just say I easily get carried away and pull out all my fun tags, ribbons and papers to create something fun!
 Here I was trying to figure out what I wanted to place where and what theme I wanted to go with and what colour scheme. I had so many cute new tags just hard to only choose a few (haha)

 My work area.. now you see what I mean by I have all these tags and tools.. too many ideas for a small card (hahaha!)

 Decided to glue down the shimmery paper..

 Added jewels but then found out my card wouldn't open properly so I had to remove them and try something else.

 I ended up having to remove anything that had dimensions near the creases of the card because it wasn't able to fold open properly.. That's something to keep in mind while decorating. Keep the dimensional items towards the farthest edges..

 Now I was decorating the inside panels when you first open the card.

 Glued them down.

As you can see.. it was a long process in decorating.. but I made it!!