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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Diamond Fold Card: 'Owl' Tutorial

Diamond Fold Card
''Owl'' Step by Step

What you need!!!:

To start, you need a 4'' X 12'' piece of cardstock.  
Then score at 2'', 4'', 8'' and 10''.
With a pencil, make a small marks at the 6'' mark on each end of your paper.(as shown above) 

Then score from the 6'' mark (one at the top) down to the 2'' score line at the bottom and from the same point at the top you will score down towards the 10'' mark. You will need to do the same thing with the other 6'' mark. You should end up with two equal 'X's. (as shown above)  

 Now you need to pinch down the 8 smaller triangles, by doing this, 
it will pop upwards the diamond in the center. 

Now you will tuck the area you just pinched together under the center diamond. Naturally the two side panels will line up perfectly. 

Once all folded, it should look like the image above.

Now to decorate.. I recently bought this stack of paper and I absolutely LOVE it!
 It has so many great looking wood panels of all colors. 

 I then used my punch alone the two edges of the side panels. 
I then used my white ribbon and thread it threw the holes. 

This is what it looks like folded. 

 I then added a OWL I made using my Cricut Create.