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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Criss Cross Card Tutorial

Criss Cross Card:
Birthday Theme
Step by Step




Paper line I used. Its great thick double sided cardstock with lots of great bold bright designs.

**Material you will need to make the envelope:**
Baby Blue cardstock X2: 4'' X 12'' (Score @ 6'' and cut diagonally)
Polka dot cardstock: 5 3/4'' X 3 3/4'' (this will go inside the envelope)
Candle cardstock (double sided*) : 5 3/4'' X 3 3/4'' (Cut it diagonally you will need both pieces)  

**Material you will need to make the Card:** 
White cardstock: 5 1/2'' X 3 1/4'' (this will go on the front)
Baby Blue cardstock: 5 3/4'' X 3 1/2'' (your main cardstock)
Pattered cardstock: 5 1/2'' X 3 1/4'' (this will go on the back)
Small cupcake cardstock: 1 1/2'' X 1 1/2'' (this will be the tab)

Now to create the card.. 
You need to glue down the White Cardstock to the baby blue cardstock. 
Then you will glue down the design cardstock (the one with the random numbers on it) 
to the back of the baby blue cardstock.

This is the front of the card where you can write your birthday message.
Here, you also glue down the tab, this will help to get the card out of the envelope and looks cute!

This is the back of your card. You can always add a nice picture here of the birthday girl/guy!

Now to create the envelope: 
Take your two baby blue cardstock pieces...

Glue down the center pieces together.

Glue down the polka dot paper.

Fold and glue one of the flaps down. 
NOTE: Only glue the BOTTOM edge because you need to be able to slide the card in!! 

Now its time to glue down the triangles.
Note: Since I used double sided paper, I am able to use BOTH triangles. 
All I did was flip one of them over (yellow side).

Now glue down the other flap. Make sure to only add glue to the bottom edge and half way up the triangle. You do not want to get glue inside the envelope!

There you have it! Your envelope is now complete!!!! 
If you want to take it a step further.. decorate it!!!!

I added birthday candle stickers I bought from the Dollar Store ages ago.. but...

You could add a bold ribbon across..
Or a nice fun boarder across in a bright colour..
Or a funny picture of your friend on the right side..
Or you could just leave it as is...

Thanks for watching, 
Hope you give it a shot! :)