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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Infinity Card: To Love & Be Loved

Here is my Infinity / Never Ending Card I made January 28th.  
I am a little late posting.. (sorry!!) to be honest I kind of forgot I had made it.
I was going threw my piles of ''completed cards'' and came upon it so I decided to dig up a few pictures 
(I always take pictures as I do my art projects) so I just had to dig in my computer. 




Here is a bit of a breakdown.. what goes threw my creative mind.. I always cut more pieces then needed and try and see what would work better.. this makes the process so much longer haha but cant help it!

I had recently bought a new stack of really fun neat paper... among the papers I found one with cute love words and decided to build my infinity card around that one sheet of paper haha. That always seems to be how I get inspired and how I start a project. I find a single sheet of paper I really really like and build everything around that one sheet. I then go threw the stack and pick 2-3 more sheets that compliment the original chosen one LOL..  You should try it! :)

This panel makes me dizzy haha.. for some reason I had alot of trouble with this card this time around. I have made many infinity cards in the past but I wanted to make this one really fun and for some reason everything was going wrong.. I didn't like the second fold I had made so I ended up ripping off the two from panels and re-made a infinity card using the 2 top panels I had already made and liked. Only problem was.. I had glued one of the panels upside down and only realized it at the end!! It was too late the glue had settled and it was glued for good.. I guess it gives it a funky look?! HAHA.. oh boy!

So once you fold open the 1st part of the card, this is what it looks like inside. I didn't really like where I was heading here.. There were too many colours that didn't match but I decided to go with it anyways and just layer fun images/pictures on top. 


 I was stuck on what to do for the last panels.. so I put it aside, worked on a different project and finished it later :)