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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Men Inspired Cards

Men Inspired Cards
used dark tones and patterns.

The card above, I used 2 brads to help hold down the cardstock and it also gave the card dimension and a rustic feel. I added 3D glue dots under the two stripped boarders and the brads. Depending on who I end up sending this to, I will add a stamp and sentiment set in a long rectangular shape in the middle of the card and plan on sliding the bottom of the stamp under the two boarders, that's why I decided to put them up on dimensional to make it easier. 

In the card above, I plan on adding a 'manly' stamp (to the white cardstock on the right) and colouring it in with dark tones.. (green, brown, grey, black) 

 The two cards above, I played around with a bit.. I really liked the layout of the card and decided to make a couple ahead of time.. All I need to do is add a stamp/sentiment to the white cardstock on the right.. OR I can add an image I create using my Cricut Create to give the card some dimensions. I also plan on adding a brad or button in between the two cardstocks at the bottom of the flag looking piece. (Like in the picture before this one).  

This card I just had fun playing around with.. I do plan on adding a sentiment to the left of the card beside the button on the strip. I like how simple and clean this card looks so I intend on only adding the sentiment. 

Fathers Day Card (for my dad) : Cricut Create

Fathers Day Card
Using my Cricut Create
 for the man on the couch reading a newspaper.
Using the Suburbia cartridge

 This card was perfect for my dad because he loves to read his 
Sunday newspaper in his comfy chair drinking his coffee.

Fathers Day Card (for father-in-law): Cricut Create

Fathers Day Card I made for my Father-in-Law. 
He restores old antique phones so thought this would be perfect for him!
Made the phone using Cricut Create using the Suburbia Cartridge

I used Glossy Accents to make parts of the phone pop. 

I added 2 strips of pattern paper to make a boarder. The pattern (buttons) on the paper were originally glossy so it gave the card a nice lookl. 

The finish product ready to be mail out! :-)

Fathers Day Cards made using Cricut Create

Fathers Day Cards
Made with Cricut Create

Manly Card

Here is a manly card I made using my darker shades of cardstock paper.

Manly Cards cont.

Manly Cards

The two pictures below are the same card. The first picture is showing the card and it's background. The second picture shows where I would add my stamp and sentiment to the card. (Just haven't found one yet).
Note, I did not glue down the strip on the right till I find the perfect stamp set for this card.. in case your wondering why it looks lifted a bit. 


The two images below are the same idea as the pictures above. The first picture shows the card without a stamp set. The second picture shows where I intend to add a stamp. 

I will add a sentiment below the strip on the white cardstock and the stamp above it in the square area. I have not yet glued down the strip on this card either.. 

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Dilemma !! ;-)

Does anyone else have this dilemma?!!! 

Sometimes having a lot of material to play around with isn't always the best thing. I seem to ALWAYS find myself staring at my projects with 5..10 different possible directions it can go in and I have to force myself to just stick with the first one that pops into my head. 

When it comes to decorating.. Man of man.. Especially buttons and glitter always have to analyze the shape, size, glossiness and thickness. 

The picture below I was just looking for ONE simple brown button for that card instead I got 7 possible choices. Bah. 

My girls! (Puppy Love) <3

Puppy Love!!!

Dog 1 (Mia)

And Dog 2 (Nella)

Sleeping away while mom is hard at work .. Feeling inspired tonight. :) 

Love my dogs!!! <3 

Sneak peak at what I've been working on all night!!

Go Big or Go Home! 

Yes you saw right... I'm posting this at 3:27am! I do my best work 'creations' at night and figured I should post a little sneak peak at my projects in the works since i haven't posted anything in a long time despite the fact that i had been working on various projects on the side just never completed any of them so didn't post. Tomorrow I plan on finalizing two of the cards below to send off for Father's Day... My own dad and father in law who I adore :)

   I'm aware the picture is blurry hense the sneak peak ;)

The picture below are cards I made weeks ago just haven't completed them since I need to get pictures developed for the inside. Soon!! Then I can finally post my finish products. These cards were really fun to make and I created them on a rainy grey day so figured I would just keep going and going till I had a nice little stack of them haha. Most of these will be sent off to friends :-) 

The picture below is a project I had started a long while ago and can't seem to figure out how I want to finalize it so I keep putting it off. I have an idea I should just fallow threw! 

Below is a secret message card I made last week. I want to decorate it all nice then I will post it's product! I want to use my cricut create for the front of the card.. :) 

Sunday, June 02, 2013