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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Manly Card

Here is a manly card I made using my darker shades of cardstock paper.

I started off using a Recollections Ivory Card & Envelope Set. I like to use them instead of making my own card background because it saves me cardstock paper and time. I also like having the matching envelope handy. I choose my cardstock paper (tried using dark rustic tones). I rounded out the 2 top edges and glued it down to the card.

Then I used my Recollections Boarder Punch and punched out the boarder on black cardstock. I then cut out a strip of pattern paper (top hat prints) and glued the boarder slightly under the strip.

I then choose this cute little piece of pattern cardstock. It's a newspaper look alike print. I decided to distress the edges to make it pop out more.

I then assembled all the pieces together on the card and got this outcome! Now there are so many ways to decorate this card.. I decided to opt for black buttons to give the card a bit of dimension. You could also use a stamp and cut it out in the shape of an oval and glue it down to the right of the card covering parts of the dark strip and the brown background.