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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Sneak peak at what I've been working on all night!!

Go Big or Go Home! 

Yes you saw right... I'm posting this at 3:27am! I do my best work 'creations' at night and figured I should post a little sneak peak at my projects in the works since i haven't posted anything in a long time despite the fact that i had been working on various projects on the side just never completed any of them so didn't post. Tomorrow I plan on finalizing two of the cards below to send off for Father's Day... My own dad and father in law who I adore :)

   I'm aware the picture is blurry hense the sneak peak ;)

The picture below are cards I made weeks ago just haven't completed them since I need to get pictures developed for the inside. Soon!! Then I can finally post my finish products. These cards were really fun to make and I created them on a rainy grey day so figured I would just keep going and going till I had a nice little stack of them haha. Most of these will be sent off to friends :-) 

The picture below is a project I had started a long while ago and can't seem to figure out how I want to finalize it so I keep putting it off. I have an idea I should just fallow threw! 

Below is a secret message card I made last week. I want to decorate it all nice then I will post it's product! I want to use my cricut create for the front of the card.. :)