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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I feel like a kid again! (Digi Stamps)

Hey Bloggers!!!

I've been joining a couple new art circles and loving some super fun creative art blogs out there.. 
I've been keeping busy learning all about ''Digi Stamps''. I don't know why I haven't heard about that world of crafts before but I'm absolutely loving the idea and I've been keeping real busy surfing the net to find out alot more about it and WoW there's a whole other creative art world out there I never knew about haha!! So for you who are also new to the Digital world of stamps it's pretty great haha.. how it works is you buy stamps (images) you like online and then you receive them by e-mail usually almost right away (beats waiting weeks to receive them in the mail and having to pay for shipping!) 

What's really great about ''Digi Stamps'' is that you can play around with the size you want them on your computer and then just print them out.. so easy to do and works so good for projects of any scale. Even when I stretch the image real big it still looks perfect and not all distorted. This is a new world I'm diving right into! I've always been one to doodle and love to color and play around with texture and shading.. Only thing is, I haven't done it for years now.. Man I felt like a little kid again when I pulled out my coloring pencils!! The fallowing pictures are of a ''Digi Stamp'' I purchased online a couple days ago. I decided to print it huge on a regular sheet of white printer paper because I felt like playing around and getting my coloring groove back. As the famous ''Copic markers'' are ridiculously expensive (but apparently work amazing for this type of project).. I'm sticking to my coloring pencils (for now) haha.. So the fallowing is my very FIRST attempt at shading and coloring in a Digi....

I got this awesome Digi Stamp from Saturated Canary, 
The artist is Krista. (She's amazing, I totally love her style!)
Check out her work on her website...

 I picked this one to be my first Digi Attempt because it makes me think of me and my Smash Book ;) LOL.