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Sunday, February 10, 2013

4 Way Folded Card: Happy Birthday

4 Way Folded Card: 
Happy Birthday

 I used my new birthday cupcake stamps. Stamped them on matching cardstock paper.
I then cut around the shape leaving a small boarder.

With my Tim Holtz pens, I coloured in the stamps and added some glitter with my glitter pen.

 This is the view once you open up the first two panels.  

I left the inside of the card blank. This is where I would add my sentiment. Depending on who I would send this to, I would most likely add a great big picture of the Birthday girl/boy and write a personal note. I would add that on a cardstock where I would round all four corners.

This is a view from the back of the card.
I decided to add colourful cardstock here because I had this perfect size of paper and I wanted to put it to use. There really isn't a need to put anything on the back of the card though.  

I first choose an envelope I wanted for this card and built the size of my card according to the envelope. It was alot easier this way then trying to find an envelope to fit the card after.

Dimension of cardstock I used for this was...
Green cardstock: 8'' X 12''
Then scored two edges at 2'' and the other two at 3''.
Cut out the 4 corners and fold the panels inwards. 

Nice, Simple and Easy!