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Sunday, February 10, 2013

4 Way Square Folded Card: Tutorial

4 Way Square Folded Card
Step by Step




Step by Step:

Pick a solid colour of cardstock measuring 8 1/2'' X 8 1/2''
Then Score at 2 1/8'' on all 4 edges.

Cut Out the 4 corners like shown in the picture above.
Then Fold inwards the scored lines.

Fold two sides inwards to start...  

Then fold in the two other sides. 
You can always make something different by closing the 4 edges like a box with a flap over the other 
to keep it shut.. but in this case, it would turn out to be a whole different card.

Now for decorating!! 
You will need to cover each surface of the 4 panels. This means 8 surfaces
Your design paper should measure 2'' X 4'' each.
In the picture above, I cut out a few extra designs to be able to play around and see witch ones would go better for this card. The pad of paper I used had so many great different patterns it was hard to choose from!

I then cut out a circle shape with my circle punch.
I rounded out two edges on each design paper with my corner punch,
Placing the rounded edges facing the center of the card. I then glued them down.

I then used the 'Love' part of my stamp and stamped it on matching cardstock paper. 
With my glitter pen, I coloured in the stamp to give the card some sparkle.  

I then glued down only half of the cardstock on the left side of the card. 
This way I am still able to open the card and it makes it more interactive. 
You could also just cut the sentiment in half and glue down each side to the panels. 
Either way works :) 

Now for the two inside panels.. I once again stamped a sentiment on a matching cardstock.
I then used my smaller circle punch and punched out the stamp. I used my Tim Holtz pens to colour the words and my sparkle pen around the edge of the circle to make it stand out more. 

I then glued down the two other design papers. Tried to keep the wood theme going threw the card. 
Once again, I rounded two edges on each design paper and made those corners face the inside of the card.
I glued down the top half of the stamped sentiment onto the cardstock. Once again, here you can either do as I did, or cut it in half and glue down both sides. Either way works!  

There we have it, the inside of the card. Here at the center, I will be adding a cute sentiment I will find online. I will print it onto cardstock paper and glue it down. I will round all 4 corners. 

I had ALOT of fun making this card. 
Hope you enjoyed.