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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Never Ending Card- YouTube Video Tutorial

Hey bloggers!!

This weekend I will be creating more of these fun Infinity 'or' Never Ending Cards. They are so fun to play with and I've gotten great feedback from my 3 friends who I've sent these out to by mail. (Check out my older posts to see the 3 cards I've created.. they were ''friendship inspired theme''). I've decided, on my days off (this weekend Sat-Sun wohoo) I will be creating a Valentine's day themed card. I wanted to make sure I had all the right measurements before making a blog of my step-by-step card making process so figured I would just post this video I found on youtube because this lady describes the steps so clearly and really shows just how simple it is to make. 

Video is from:Robin Messenheimer '''' 

Instead of showing this part in my step-by-step, I will focus on ideas to decorate it!!!! More my type of thing haha. So if this is a card you'd like to attempt, check out this video and then fallow my blog for inspiration on decorating it. 

P.S. For valentine's day theme I suggest using either WHITE, PINK, RED or BLACK cardstock as the background colour so that the items you add on will really stick out more. (like the red and pink tones). You'll soon see what I  mean. I will try to make two different cards so you will be able to compare and see what you like better before trying it out yourself. 

See you this weekend!!!
Happy Scrapping :)
Nadine xox