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Sunday, January 27, 2013

My work space and my new toys!!

My work space for this weekends projects (heehee) and some of my new purchased toys..
Note.. yes that is my dining room table that I took over.. mouhaha.. and don't you just love our purple wall!!! Please disregard our zebra print carpet haha.. we have had that carpet for a while and the dog loves laying on it so we cant seem to throw it out.. so tacky but keeps my toes warm while I work LOL :P

Below are my new storage bins, they were 40% off plus my 15% discount off entire purchase.. !!! So one I now use for all my stamps!!! Doesn't look like many but under that bag there's a ton!! The other bin has all my ribbon in it.. note more then half the ribbon is new.. I bought it friday.. they were all on crazy sale.. couldn't pass that up.. also I want to start working with ribbon in my projects more.. Learning to anyways..

 And yes I keep my crafts stuff on the floor... I've yet to find a good storage area for them.. since I use them pretty regularly..

This bin kind of has all of my random new purchases in it,... and all of my boarder punches..

My newest addition and a gift from my husband... the famous tape glider!!! Takes a while to get used to holding this big bulky thing... still not sure why they made it so big.. but meh its useful...


My new VersaMark watermark stamp pads!!!! I'm now obsessed with using the Frost and Champagne one... Actually all 3 are pretty awesome to use.. I never really understood how fun these were till I used them myself.. it really adds finishing touches to your projects... LOOOOVE LOVE this!!!!!


Below are my Tim Holtz distress ink pads... Newest addition are the pink and purple at the bottom and the grey-black one on the top right.