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Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Shopping Spree at Michael's!

My shopping trip break down.. prices and yay or nay.  

I had a bad day on Friday... so what better way to cheer myself up by going to Michael's and spoiling myself a little... okay a lot haha.. Came home with all this!! Funny to say but it did make me feel ALOT better :) 

All the stamps were on for $1.50 each pretty awesome! The rest was pretty pricy but I needed alot of it for my projects. All things that can be very usefull.. I also had one of those 40% off one item coupon. (love those!) 

I got some white ink for $4,99, it was supposed to be on sale for $2.99 grr just noticed on my receipt they didn't give me the sale price.. ends up I don't really like that brand, when it's dry and you run your fingers across it, it smudges all over your page. Really not happy about that. Then I got some metallic pens on sale $3.99. The pink package is Glossy Accents, clear dimensional medium. $11.99 (This is my new favorite toy!!) I can't believe I didn't know about this sooner!! The Archival black ink pad was $9.99. I have a black ink pad from a different company but find it doesn't work well, this new ink pad is amazing! It really grabs all the details from my stamp and transfers the ink really well onto paper. Once again, wish I had this sooner!! The pack of 2 white pens cost $8.49 and I regret buying them. They work like crap and don't write smooth at all. I would bring them back if it wasn't for I had to open the package to test them out. They really did look promising and I do-did need white pens because I wanted to give my cards that fake stitch look. These are a fail! 

This is where it starts getting a bit pricy... I was always curious about embossing powder.. I see it in many youtube videos and Tim Holtz uses it alot but I was never brave enough to try it out till now.. I circled the isles for a while not even being sure of what it was I was looking for, finally a lady helped me. They had crazy sales on, alot of the colours were on for $1.99 crazy eh! But of course, once I got there every single one that was on sale was gone.. so I had to buy a full price one.. the Embossing powder colour I choose is called 'Snow' and that cost $5.99 and the embossing ink bad cost $11.99.  That hurt the wallet a little... I tried using it on a card once I got home.. and it really wasn't working. I used my normal home blow dryer to set the embossing powder but it wouldn't set... so I'm going to have to do a bit of research about that one.. 

My new hole punches!!! Since I'm making alot of Valentine's day cards this month, I was looking for a hole punch that had many different heart sizes as well as leaves you with a nice border. I found Martha Stewart's hole punch the best for my projects. It originally cost $27.99 but I used my famous 40% off coupon on it and saved $11.20 yahoo! (The whole reason I went shopping today was for this hole punch and I walked out with a bag full of stuff haha..!) Then the cupcake hole punch was so cheap that I couldn't not get it! It cost $8.99!!! This punch is so awesome, I tried it out the minute I got home and I absolutely LOVE the boarder it makes.. I will definitively be using this in my birthday cards ALL THE TIME!!! LOOOVE it!!! 

These glitter shinny pens are AMAZING!!! I love anything glittery and shinny and I love how this goes on clear and only adds sparkles to the paper and not coloured ink. My new absolute favorite pen! These cost $6.99 and well worth the price! They work like magic.

All of the Valentine's day themed things I found and decided would really help make my cards extra special. The stamps were all $1.50 thought that was pretty sweet. I love the shinny pink and red ribbon, that cost $3.49 each. I wasn't sure what to expect from them, but I ended up using them in so many of my cards! I love how thin the ribbon is. I will def have to find myself this ribbon in all sorts of colours, it's a must have!!! Both k&company vday packages cost me $6.99 each. Really good deal because you get alot out of them! The pink buttons were $1.50 each.. I bought them because I wanted to try cards with buttons and see what kind of fun stuff I could make with them. I used to have a bag full of buttons at home but can't seem to find them. 

 All these comes out of the pack on the left of the picture above. There is 94 pieces!! Two of each images.. one that has sparkles on it and the other that's just plain. Really neat idea, good for layering them with dimensionals. I couldn't believe how much you got out of that one pack of stickers!  This cost me $6.99 and you really do get alot out of this and it goes a long way. I made soooo many cards with these and still have so many left!