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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Napkin Fold Card: Flower Theme

I made this one while I was watching a movie with the hubby haha.
Once you get the hang of them, their so easy and quick to make..
and also looks like you've spent ALOT of time on them ;)


You can add all the triangles, or you can leave some blank. This card looks good either way. It's always fun to play around with the look of them before gluing them down. In this one, I decided to make all the triangles from the same paper, I didn't do a two tone. Wanted to see what it would look like with all one paper. 

Here, in the center of the card I added a red cardstock with a white cardstock over it... I ended up not liking it since it was too much of a contrast to the off white in the rest of the card. So....

I ended up gluing a paper over the white cardstock.. The paper has more of a yellowy tint to it and has lines.. good for a journaling spot or to write someone a nice message. Either way, its always good to play around with your cards till your satisfied with the outcome. 

I decided to add red cardstock for the band to compliment the red flowers from the paper. I was going to go for green paper but I couldn't find the right tone of green so red ended up working perfect. Note: Don't forget to make the band a bit loose so your able to slid it on and off better.

This is a view of the card when it's closed.

I added a flower made out of material. This gives the card a nice 3 dimensional look to it. I also glued it down on a red cardstock to match the rest of the band. I bought these flowers from MICHAEL's art store for $1.50 each.. they always have those bins with $1.50 items, I always dig in and eventually find a use for them!