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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Stampin' Up Cleaning Supplies

Have you ever wondered what to use to clean your dirty stamps?
Have you ever wondered how to wash off that sticky Versa Mark?..
Or even how to clean the StazOn off your stamps?

Check out the fallowing products,
While visiting my mother in law, I played around with some of the tools she
owns since I'm just starting off myself and this is definitively on my list of things to buy! 
Soooo useful and definitively saves your stamps.

Stampin' Scrub 7" x 7" (each tray side)
Extra-large size cleans even your largest stamps!
$23.95  -- 126200 
Picture above is what the case looks like inside. 
You use one side as your "wet" area and the other as your "dry" area.
So you clean it on one side and wipe it dry on the other. 
The pad looks dirty in the image but it's only because it's wet in the image. Once dried it goes back to clear.

The image below is what the case looks like when close. It's thin and easy to store standing up on a shelf.
For my mother in law, it was easier for her to write "wet" and "dry" on the front of the case instead of trying to find the little symbol inside each time. Just little tricks to make things even quicker and simpler.  

Stampin' Mist Stamp Cleaner 
$5.50 -- 102394 -- 2 fl. oz bottle
$11.95 -- 101022 -- 8 lf oz refill bottle
The picture above is the product you use to spray onto the Stampin' Scrub mat.
Just a few spritz and your good to go. 

StazOn Cleaner
Cleans, condition and even prevent staining on your stamps with StazOn ink.
$6.25 -- 109196 -- 2 fl oz bottle

Sorry no image for this one, if interested check out page 165 in your catalog.