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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pinwheel Card Tutorial

Pinwheel Card Tutorial

 To start you need a double sided cardstock paper. 
Any size will do as long as it's a square.
For this card I made the pinwheel 3" X 3".

 Now make a large X like below using pencil (you need to be able to erase it so make it very light.) For the sake of this tutorial, I made my pencil marks very dark so it showed properly in my pictures.

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A little trick I do to make my pinwheel equal is find the middle of each line and add a little pencil mark. This will be the mark you will use to fold in your pinwheel. If your in a rush you can skip this step and just wing it, it will still work just as good... Personally I'm picky :P

Now you will cut from each corner up to the pencil mark you just marked. 
Just like the image below. Once all 4 corners are cut, erase all the pencil lines.

Now start folding your 4 corners inwards. 

This step is optional. I used my poking tool to make a hole in the middle of the pinwheel to add a brad, this way I didn't have to use glue to glue down the flaps the brad holds them down. You can always choose to glue them down and not add anything to the center or you can always glue some type of gem over the center. Anything goes, get creative!

Now all you have to do is glue it down on a card of any shape.. OR you can pierce the brad threw the card so that the pinwheel can spin by not being glued down.