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Monday, December 24, 2012

Waterfall Card

My Waterfall Card

I made this really quickly (prob took me 10 minutes) so its definitely not my best work. I was just playing around with it to see how it works. This was suprisingly pretty easy and quick to make!

There are 3 ways I suggest using the waterfall card:
1: On its OWN, just add a nice cardstock to the back of the card and Voila!
2: Glue it to the FRONT of a larger card and inside the card write a nice personal message.
3: Glue it to the INSIDE of a larger card and add a nice fun picture to the FRONT of your card.

Example for a birthday card:
Front of card: Glue big two dimention ballons with sparkles
Inside of Card: Glue the waterfall card on the right side and on the left write a nice personal message to the person about their birthday.
Waterfall card: For the 4 squares to fill, you could write for example:
1- Happy    2- 30th     3- Birthday     4- Jim!     OR
You could use 4 different stamps with birthday images on them.

REALLY GUYS THIS IS SO EASY AND FUN TO PLAY WITH. Try it out yourselves and you'll see what I mean. Once you get the hang of making your first one, you'll love making them!


Pull on the 'ribbon'.
 Please note I ran out of ribbon so I had to improvise.
You can use any kind of material.


As you pull, the card will start to open.

As the tag your pulling on grows, you can add a nice message here.
It's almost like a hidden secret message. You can have fun with it!


View from the side.


I will try and make a Step by Step with mesurements in the new year so stay tuned!!