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Monday, December 10, 2012

Hot Pot Studios on a Sunny Saturday Morning!

Downtown Red Deer, AB

My client and I went to Hot Pot Studios on Saturday morning. It was my first time in a place like that. We ended up having so much fun! You walk in, pick your clay item you'd like to paint.. all the prices were marked on the bottom of the items so it was a really easy process. Then you pay for your item and add a 10$ fee for using their materials. Then you get to choose your paint colous and paint brushes. Time flew by so I didnt have time to do anything too fancy since I was there for my client not me :P I have to go back next Saturday to pick up my finished product. They needed the week to 'cook' them. The colour you see below isn't the true colour, they get much brighter and shinnier once they go threw the oven process. Cant wait to see my finish product! I will update this post next week.


The brown paint on the inside has really cool texture to it, excited to see how it turns out!




A week later....
Here is the finish product!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!
Check out those awesome colours!!! The brown paint had black specks in it, it gives it such a neat look dont you think?!!


I hope to go again soon (after the Christmas holidays) and make a great big popcorn bowl for the hubby and I !
I highly suggest this experience to everyone of all ages no matter what artistic talent you have! Seeing your finish product is so gratifying.