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Monday, February 10, 2014

Star Dust Jar Stamp Card

Star Dust Jar Stamp Card.
Babies are a bit of star dust blown from the hand of God.

This is how I created this card

I started off stamping my Jar stamp onto a velum sheet and then I stamped it onto a clear window sheet. Then I cut around both jars as close to the jar lines as possible.

I then used these really neat Mica and Ice Flakes I bought at Michael's. What I did was choose 2 colors, I placed a small pile of each in the center of the jar stamp and then I added a small amount of glue all around the edges. Note: make sure you use glue that dried CLEAR! I put the vellum sheet on the bottom and the clear window sheet on the top. You can always make it all out of velum or all out of clear window sheet. All options work well.

Now for my sentiment.. I wasn't sure what embossing powder color I wanted so I tested it out before on a separate sheet of cardstock. Turns out the dark one was the best for this card!

So... I used my Versa Mark and embossed the stamp, then heated it with my heating tool. 

Turned out pretty good... Then I played around with the jar to find exactly where I want to place it.

Voila! I then wanted to make it look like the Star Dust was exploding out of the jar onto the card. I used some glue that dries clear and started to glue down the star dust.

I really love the look and effect these flakes give!!