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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Front Pocket Card Tutorial

Front Pocket Card 



Start with a cardstock measuring 10 1/2" X 5"
Score a line at 3 1/2" and at 7"

Fold like below

Now to make the pockets.. 
First flap measures 2 1/2" and the second 3 3/4".
(cut off the excess) 

This is what it should look like once its folded up.

Pick a nice pattern paper and glue down.

No need to waste paper.. Only use enough paper to cover the area and not the whole flap..
As shown below. 

Now glue your flaps down to create the pockets. Only glue down the two sides and as close to the edge as you can in order to give you a larger pocket space. You will do this for the 2 flaps.

For the background pattern paper I used the other side of the double sided paper I used on the pocket. This way I made sure they coordinated together. I glued the paper and the pocket onto the front of a card.

I thought it needed a little bit more so I kept going. I added 2 tags (1 in each pocket) witch I will later on add either pictures or messages and I will also add a sentiment on the banner on the bottom.. (whenever I find an occasion for this one) 

Tags look plane now, but I intend on adding pictures to them and/or lines for journaling. It really all depends on witch occasion I end up using this card for :)

Hope you enjoyed!