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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Ikea Kitchen Cart (aka crafting cart)

Check out what I found at IKEA!!! 

I keep seeing so many ladies on instagram posting pictures of how they organize their new caddy and I finally got to venture in an Ikea and found them! Only problem is I don't really feel like spending $69.99 on it then have to buy all the cute dividers and baskets and accessories to go with it. I've seen some pretty awesome pictures of women who turned theses into the ideal storage room for your everyday craft tools but I have soooo much stuff that I'd need way more then one and I already don't have much extra room for more storage. Maybe in the future.. still really happy I got to finally see them for myself. They are really sturdy and neat looking!! If your looking for storage ideas look up on Pinterest and Instagram cause there are sooo many cool ideas and I do highly recommend this storage to anyone who can afford it! :P Awesome colors, sturdy and fun looking. You can hang some of the kitchen baskets to the sides to store your copics, pens and so on and the sides you can use them as magnets to stick down the magnet metal circle containers that Ikea sells to put spices in and it sticks to ur fridge. They are really handy to put your crafting buttons, small tools in. I'll try and find some pictures off pinterest and post them on here for you all to see. Def worth it :)

Now I'm really reconsidering it.. might have to budget a little for this one.. hum.. ;)